About Grizzly Drill

About Grizzly Drill

There is a moment in the middle of Grizzly Drill in which frustrated teacher, Ellie Krause, grabs her Teacher’s Edition Handgun and aims it in the air in order to silence her rowdy students. It’s the moment that we all fear, and the moment we cannot avoid once we allow firearms in schools.

There’s a delicate relationship that teachers and students already have, and it doesn’t need to become unbalanced by the presence of a firearm. You want to remove that threat? Don’t even let it get there. If you don’t want Pandora to open the box, don’t give her access to the damn box.

Pandora had one thing in common with schools and what they’re meant to encourage; curiosity. Schools are environments that nurture curiosity and introduce it in a controlled and safe environment. A firearm in the classroom can never be a 100% safe or controlled situation. We also have to be sensitive to how we color the perception of education culture in the United States. The question is, do we care what the rest of the world thinks of us?

Some schools already host armed Resource Officers. They’re trained. They knew going in that carrying a firearm was part of the job. Teachers also have expectations of their jobs, and putting their lives on the line isn’t one of them. If we give teachers firearms, we also have to regulate them.

How do we decide which teachers have access to firearms? What does the governing body for an Educator Firearms Commission look like? Is there a rep at PTA meetings, and will that rep bring better cookies than the ones we had when we discussed eliminating dodgeball because apparently that made the kids too “aggressive”. Do we expect every teacher to turn into a combatant and stand tall in the face of danger? Do we think there’s no way an upset student wouldn’t figure out a way to bypass any security separating them from their teacher’s weapon? How much more would it cost to keep those firearms in a secure desk or lockbox? Maybe we should invest more in pencils and jumpstart the pencil lobby to counterbalance the gun lobby, but then we’re empowering the lead lobby and we’ll be seeing lead paint in Baby Bob’s room again before you know it. See how complicated it all is, either way? (as you can see, we could have made Grizzly Drill much longer).

Ellie Krause reminds viewers that “Bears are real” – Yes, they are, and so are gun lobbies. There’s not really a knife lobby, however, which is why poor Penny is singled out, there’s no major lobby for her choice of defense. This double standard is very real. We suspend kids from school for having plastic knives to spread their peanut butter. And given how many kids have nut allergies these days, and how severe those reactions seem to be, shouldn’t we be suspending the kids who bring in PB&J? I’m sure Jonathan Swift would have a thought or two on the matter of school lunches.

DeVos recently stated that the President’s Safety Commission won’t look at the role of guns in school violence. That seems like pretty heavy evidence that the gun lobby’s influence has a hand in our Education Department.

If you’re going to study the opioid crisis, i’d like to think you’d at least give heroin a quiet nod. Just once. And if heroin had a lobby, we’d probably be discussing all the ways in which we might have offended the heroin industry’s delicate sensibilities. I wonder if they’ll look at the role of knives in this study.

Does Grizzly Drill make you uncomfortable? If yes… Good.

Guns in schools should make us all very uncomfortable. We did not make this to be insensitive or to offend, and we accept that it might have done those things as absolutely any piece of content in the public space may do. But… what else can we do? We’ve written our congressmen, we’ve written our officials, signed the petitions, shown up to the rallies, and still, despite the overwhelming, majority demand for even the slightest, smallest most reasonable change regarding background checks… nothing, just “thoughts and prayers”. This is our contribution to the conversation, to demonstrate what guns in schools would probably look like by the end of it. If you disagree or disliked this video, it’s up to you to demonstrate to the rest of us what your version of that reality looks like. And remember, show your work.

Whatever your views, you should be aware of your local politician’s statuses on guns.

Hint: The NRA grades them.